We Can Make Your Water-Damaged Home Like New

We Can Make Your Water-Damaged Home Like New

Bring in Lubbock, Texas' Joe Rushing for water damage repairs

One call does it all when you call Joe Rushing. Call us if you have a problem - we can take care of it from A to Z. For example, if you have a slab leak, we will send our slab experts out to locate and repair the leak, then our water restoration crew will extract the water, starting the drying process.

You may think a little water isn't a big threat, but think again: broken or leaking pipes can lead to standing water that can cause costly structural damage and mold that can negatively affect your health.

Don't worry-help is just a phone call away. Joe Rushing has extensive experience restoring homes that have been severely damaged by water. We'll assess the state of your living space and eliminate all traces of water damage. You'll rest easy knowing your home will be dry and healthy again in no time!

See what we can do to restore your home by contacting Joe Rushing today.

We'll take care of your water-damaged features

So, we've fixed the leaks and removed the standing water that caused damage at your property. What comes next? Let us repair and replace your damaged features. Our experts can repair or replace your damaged flooring, tile, walls and cabinets. You'll only need to call one company to fix your leaks, dry out your property and perform repairs. Your property will look just like it did before the water damage, or better!

And speaking of leaks, Joe Rushing is such an expert at detecting slab leaks that other companies in Lubbock, TX call us for help. Hire us today to take care of all your water damage restoration needs. We look forward to bringing your home back from catastrophe.

Slab Leaks

We are the slab leak experts of Lubbock!!

We will locate the slab leak, repair it, and restore your home. Our team will provide you with your options on repairs at the time of the locate/consultation!

Combat water damage with ease in Lubbock, TX

Joe Rushing has the equipment and capability to effectively restore homes suffering from water damage. You can count on our team to:

  • Fix any leaks
  • Eliminate standing water
  • Deodorize the affected areas
  • Sanitize the affected areas

Schedule an appointment with Joe Rushing to learn more.