Camera Inspections for Your Lubbock, TX Plumbing

Plumbing diagnostics is forever changed! With advances in technology, Joe Rushing can now diagnose your plumbing issues by camera. This service will allow us to be even more efficient and accurate in our proposals. Using cameras, we can identify the issue within the plumbing using non-invasive techniques. Not only can we spot the problem with your Lubbock, TX plumbing, but we can identify future issues, too.

Our camera inspection system is waterproof, sophisticated and efficient. If you are dealing with undiagnosed plumbing issues, call Joe Rushing today!

Why Should You Choose Video Inspections?

Do you have an unexpected plumbing issue? Don’t want to tear up any of the property or home features without being sure of what you’ll find below? Choose a camera inspection instead. Joe Rushing’s technicians will come out and inspect without digging. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Locating Lost Personal Property- Did your wedding ring slip down the drain? Previously, this would be very upsetting, with all hope being placed on the trap catching your valuable items. Now, Joe Rushing will use a video inspection to locate your sentimental valuables, saving you time, saving you money, and bringing your spouse’s stress level way down…
  • Remodeling Inspections: Dreaming of an expansive master bathroom suite in your Lubbock home? Before you break ground on your home remodel or addition, let us check out the existing condition of your plumbing systems. New rooms mean more volume- can your plumbing handle it?
  • Septic System Inspections: Is your septic system healthy? We can find out using camera inspections. Our evaluation will indicate when service or repairs are required.
  • Home Inspections- You want to purchase that picket fence, that cozy bay window and the original hardwoods in your new home…but what about the plumbing? We can check to ensure that you will not be buying surprising and expensive plumbing problems.

Nothing could be easier on your home and wallet than a video inspection of your plumbing. Call Joe Rushing today at (806) 763-3988 to schedule your camera inspection appointment. We service Lubbock, TX and surrounding communities.