Our Story

It All Started in 1948

It All Started in 1948

The Beginning of a Family Tradition

Joe Rushing Senior, had already served in the Naval Air Corp and was coming to an end to his career as a Texas Tech Football Player. He decided it was time to get to work. Rushing was an employee of Rountree Plumbing, which was owned by the father of his wife and already quite experienced in the business. He established Joe Rushing Plumbing in 1948. Rushing continued growing the family business which was passed to his son in 1970 and later to grandson and present-day owner, JoeD’Ray Rushing.

A business founded on three generations of dedication, becomes more than just a business. Each generation of Rushing has fond childhood memories filled with learning the family trade alongside their father. The Rushing’s long family history has provided them with knowledge and training that cannot be found in any text book.

Backed by over sixty years of experience of commitment and service to the community, Joe Rushing still operates on the same family values and beliefs that it was first founded on.